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link to order Stephanie's book

Stephanie's new book is available to
order direct from the printer.
It covers her early life up to,
and including, WW2.
202 pages, 19 b&w photos.

Price £7.99 plus p&p.

The 2013 weekend photos

2013 photos

Photos from past events
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The Society's videos
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The 2012 weekend photos

2012 photos

Scarborough Evening News article about Ulric Walmsley

Article from the Scarborough Evening News, Saturday 25 February 2012. The text can be read (just about) HERE

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Books by Leo Walmsley are now available
in both print and Kindle editions

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May weekend

Details of the forthcoming weekend's activities

can be found here

with venue details on the Future events page.

New book

Sally Lunn, Leo's novel published in 1937, will be available again for the first time since 1992, making it the 11th Walmsley Society reprint.

It is now at the printer's and we are awaiting the proof copy, and making room to store the pallet-loads of new books that will be soon be arriving. It will be launched officially at the May weekend.

If anyone would like their copy before that time (and members will not pay postage), please keep checking this page for ordering details.

Nook eReader

eBooks rollout

Plans are underway to release Leo's eBooks to a much wider audience than the present Kindle edition. This will make his books suitable for reading on all other eBook readers such as Apple, Kobo, Sony, and Nook. Paradise Creek is already available, and can be downloaded from these sites:
link to Smashwords eBooks store link to Apple iBooks link to Barnes & Noble store
Smashwords Apple iBookstore Barnes & Noble

Prices are in US dollars, but will be converted on purchase.

The latest Kindle edition –

The Golden Waterwheel

Golden Waterwheel kindle edition


Incorrigible Vagabond cover

Incorrigible Vagabond

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Kindle reader

As of 1st July 2013, all Walmsley Kindle editions have been re-formatted. This is to improve presentation and ease of use.

All previous purchasers can re-download the latest editions from Amazon free of charge.

The Walmsley Society

is pleased to announce that a selection of its books is now for sale at —

Swell Café Bar and Gift Shop
Chapel Street
Robin Hood's Bay

the building where Leo went to school, as told in Foreigners.

Our major book stockists can be see here.

Sean Walmsley

Sean Walmsley
has a new
website here

Ulric catalogue

In continuing the role of the Society as an authority on the works of J. Ulric Walmsley it has been suggested that a catalogue be prepared of all his known paintings.

If you have one – or know of one – please complete the FORM HERE.

Kindle reader
Leo's Kindle editions
Angler's Moon kindle edition Foreigners kindle edition Master Mariner kindle edition
£3.59 £3.59 £3.59

Love in the Sun kindle edition Paradise Creek kindle edition Three Fevers kindle edition, holding cover
£3.59 £3.59 £3.59

Golden Waterwheel kindle edition

Available for direct download
to Amazon Kindle readers
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