A Great Adventure in East Africa

by Frederick W. Lane

In 1915, young Leo Walmsley left the Royal Army Medical Corps to become an observer with the newly-formed RFC, soon to become the Royal Air Force.

From an early age he was influenced by the many facets of his surroundings, observant of even the smallest details – an ability that was to serve him well.

For the young people who joined the armed services during the First World War, it was to be a "great adventure", but it is doubtful that when they signed on they could have envisaged what was to befall them.

East Africa was considered a "side show" by many in the military who were mainly concerned about the war in Europe, but for those brave souls who were there the war was all too real. Walmsley survived, despite the dangers, but many of his compatriots did not.

This book is about his personal wartime experiences during the that time, a little-documented area of the war, using extracts from his own writings and augmented with recently-acquired prime source material.

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A Great Adventure in East Africa, cover

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