The Golden Waterwheel

First published by Collins in 1954, this is the continuation of Leo's story told in Love in the Sun.

Following the success of his Bramblewick books, he and his wife and their two children leave their home by the Cornish creek and move back to the village of his boyhood.

Their dream is to build a conventional house, preferably overlooking the sea. Instead they find a tumbledown barn on the moor – but with a trout stream running through the land. Since boyhood Leo has wanted such a stream, to build a dam, breed trout, and install a waterwheel.

But compromises have to be made. There's a growing family to support, more books to write, 40 acres of neglected land to tend; a future to secure. Will the waterwheel prove to be elusive?

This book was last published by Cedric Chivers in May 1973. This new edition by the Walmsley Society includes the original map that appeared on the end-papers of the earlier editions. Assuming that this is the second book in a trilogy (preceeded by Love in the Sun), the story concludes in The Happy Ending, published by Collins in 1957, and newly published by the Society in 2013.