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May 2023
Walmsley Weekend and AGM

Please click here to see arrangements for the next weekend programme
on 13 and 14 May 2023

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Photos from the 2017 event.

Some past event photos.

The AGM and Saturday's programme will take place
at Wibury on Mount Pleasant North,
Robin Hood's Bay
13 May 2023

Mount Pleasant North is the road opposite the Village Hall car park, which is around the corner of the Grosvenor Hotel. Wibury is the first house on the left.

Map showing location of meeting place

Click map to enlarge (thanks to Google Earth)

May 2005   May 2007   May 2010

See some photos from previous Sunday walks here

and some more here.

Leo's lobster pot at the 2005 meeting

Leo's collapsible lobster pot at the 2005 meeting

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