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Walmsley Society visit to Leo's Wales
arranged for 7-10 October 2022

Join us for a breathtaking look at the locations as featured in the best-selling 1957 novel,
The Happy Ending, and also see where he wrote his 1944 autobiography So Many Loves (both books now having been republished by the Walmsley Society).

This is destined to be a stunning trip to a beautiful area of unspoiled Wales, with its ancient language, woodlands, and way of life.

Some details are mentioned in the current Newsletter, but to discuss accommodation and itinerary, simply contact Marilyn, whose details can be found on the inside cover of any Walmsley Society Journal.


Temple Druid, known as Castle Druid in The Happy Ending.


The happy Ending book cover

Post-free price for Walmsley Society members £7.99
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Walmsley paperback trio republished 2021

Now 2021 editions available

So Many Loves: an autobiography
in paperback and Kindle

Available worldwide HERE

Invisible Cargo
in paperback

Available worldwide HERE

Fishermen at War
in paperback and Kindle editions

Available worldwide HERE

These can also be ordered from bookshops

Reading Leo's books in biographical sequence

Cover for Foreigners (2020)

New edition of

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New 2020 edition

A catalogue of Ulric's paintings can now be seen in the
Members' area.

link to Ulric Catalogue

If you have a painting by J. Ulric Walmsley – or know of one – please complete the


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