2009 Walmsley Weekend

9th & 10th May

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The 2009 Annual General Meeting was held on 9th and 10th May in Robin Hood's Bay where the new edition of Phantom Lobster was launched.

New edition of Phantom Lobster

This reincarnation is perhaps the definitive version as all printing errors in previous editions have been corrected.

ISBN 978-0-9534449-3-9, price £7.99, it can be purchased from our online book shop.

Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary

Chairman, Neville Buckley, announces the new edition

AGM gets under way
The morning's AGM gets under way

Neville chats with a member.
Neville chats
Busy sales table
Busy sales table.

Screening of the Walmsley videos.
This was the very first screening in public (well, to Society members) of the videos that have been especially produced for the Walmsley Society. Included was this rare footage, cleaned and enhanced from domestic cine film taken in 1938, showing Leo and his family at their home at Leith Rigg on Fylingdales Moor.
The big screen

Nona Stead
With Nona Stead, editor of Shells and Bright Stones.
Nona Stead with John Watts
Nona Stead with John Watts
Mixing the colours
Mixing the colours is...
Charles Evans, celebrated television artist.
Charles Evans

The painting begins
The painting begins.
The first painting is almost completed.
First painting is almost completed
Crowd gathers for a closer look
The crowd gathers for a closer look.
"Are there any questions?"
Any questions?
Trees and people
How to paint trees and people.

The first painting.
The first painting
The second painting
The second painting.
How to paint more trees, rocks and mountains.
How to paint trees, rocks and mountains
Charles' bucket
"Can Charles have some clean water, please?"
Charles signs one of his paintings.
Charles signing
Art sales table
Charles Evans at the Winsor & Newton sales table.

The busy book-sales table.
The busy book sales table
Film crew
Film crew checking footage.
Neville reads the letter from Sean Walmsley regarding the latest videos.
Neville reads Sean's letter
The Captain magazine, 1919
Secretary Fred Lane brought along a selection of rare publications for which Leo had written stories and articles. This one, from The Captain, is dated June 1919.
Robin Lidster
Saturday evening's entertainment was
provided by Robin Lidster and his
Victorian Magic Lantern Show.

The traditional Sunday walk, this year led
by Janet Green.
Sunday walk
Sunday walkers

Another point of interest.
Sunday walk
Sunday walkers

We learned that Leo actually taught
at this school in Fylingthorpe.
We learned that Leo actually taught at this school
Blacksmith's house, Fylingthorpe

The blacksmith's house in Fylingthorpe where Leo came to get some parts made for his prototype lobster pot.

Walmsley weekend group photo

The traditional Walmsley weekend group photo.

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