Walmsley Society 2012 weekend

19th & 20th May

The new Master Mariner

A new edition of
The Golden Waterwheel

This completely-revised edition was launched at the
Saturday morning's AGM.

The cover is based on a postcard painting
by Leo's father Ulric.

ISBN 978-0-9561151-4-0


Details from the online book shop

The photos

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This year featured a display of paintings by J Ulric Walmsley.

New Ulric display boards

"Grannie", exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1954, but painted 50 years earlier.

Nick Foggo gives an excellent illustrated talk about his research into the history of the Walmsley family.

The traditional Sunday morning walk: the alleyways and backstreets of Bay.

Turn of the Tide – J Arthur Rank's first film, and based on Leo's
Three Fevers.
Members visit the Fylingdales Museum.

Lantern Cottage – where Leo began writing The Silver Blimp in 1919/20, whilst living there with Suzanne.
Members' Sunday lunch at the Victoria Hotel

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