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Forgotten Man

Filmed by final-year university students in May 2008.

A Phantom in Bay

Ulric Walmsley's Robin Hood's Bay

Leo Walmsley's Robin Hood's Bay

A brief tour around this attractive and historic village that was home and inspiration to the author Leo Walmsley. Some other points of interest are identified along the way. Uses personal archive stills and video footage from the early-90s.

The map may be downloaded from HERE

Leo Walmsley at Leith Rigg, Fylingthorpe, 1938

Rare colour cine footage of Leo Walmsley and his family when they lived at Leith Rigg, Fylingthorpe in 1938. This was filmed by a relative of Leo's wife Margaret.

Leo in Fowey 1965

Local television footage from 1965 of author Leo Walmsley in Fowey, Cornwall, where he talks about his latest book Angler's Moon.

Unveiling the Dalegarth Plaque

November 2008: this video shows the unveiling of a literary plaque at 'Riverdale', the cottage at Hawkswick in the Yorkshire Dales where Leo Walmsley wrote Master Mariner in 1948.

Unveiling Commemorative Plaque at Riverdale

An unusual special feature because it lasts longer than the main video that was just 42 seconds. This one uses footage that was shot during the unveiling of a commemorative plaque for the novel Master Mariner, written by Leo Walmsley who completed it in this cottage at Hawkswick in the Yorkshire Dales.

Dales Diary: Leo Walmsley

Film thumbnail image for 'Dales Diary'

Filmed in September 1993, this excerpt from the popular ITV Dales Diary series, hosted by Luke Casey, features Robin Hood's Bay and the appeal of its author Leo Walmsley as discussed with Jack Hazell and Jane Ellis.

Leo Walmsley Centenary Celebrations Local News Report 1992

Film thumbnail image for Look North news report

Local television news report by the Look North team in September 1992. Features Stephanie Walmsley, Andrew Youdell, Jack Hazell and Marilyn Barraclough. Transferred from VHS tape.

Clegg's People: Dracula and Turn of the Tide

Thumbnail image for Dracula and Turn of the Tide

Made by Yorkshire Television, this series, presented by Barnsley-born naturalist Michael Clegg (1933-95), ran from 1981 until 1987. In this episode he talks about both Bram Stoker and Leo Walmsley in his inimitable, unscripted and down-to-earth style. Unfortunately, we don't possess our own recorded copy of this programme, so can only provide a link to a version currently being looked after by the British Film Institute.


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